“Anarkik3D Design is haptic: for a more natural 3D modelling experience”

Event von Anarkik3D Ltd.

Tag 17.03.2019
Zeit 09:30 - 18:00 Uhr
Format Vorführungen
  • Handwerk & Design 2019
  • Halle B1 623

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7 Mentone Terrace
Vereinigtes Königreich


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​Come to our Handwerk on Stage presentation at 16:00 to see why Genna says: "I love the fact that you can feel the object that you have designed on the screen with the haptic mouse.” (GENNA DELANEY, Contemporary Jeweller)

Try it for yourself (stand B1 623) as it is an amazing experience to touch a virtual model and feel how you are working in 3D! Our Anarkik3D Design 3D modelling programe uses virtual touch (haptics) and 3D movement to make it easy to learn and use. If you are new to 3D digital technologies our programme might be just what you are looking for. It is for both PC and AppleMac.

Haptics just has to be physically experienced to grasp how good this feels for designing and creating models, feeling how you are manipulating an object and why using the 3D device makes navigation straightforward and the interface uncomplicated. Touch also makes it an enjoyable experience.

It brings a more natural way of interacting when working digitally as 3D touch taps into how we connect with objects in the real world. Creative people prefer to engage with digital technologies that enhance, support and integrate into their practice and by tapping into your hand skills to support designing digitally you reap the benefits of 3D technologies and create a balance between hand-work and digital design. The intuitive interface is great for fluid, organic working in risk free environment that encourages exploring, experimenting and playing with form - and serendipitous opportunities for novel solutions.

Anarkik3D Design is designed for creative people wanting an alternative to standard CAD packages. If you struggle with CAD, looking for a another way of working and accessing 3D printing, perhaps want a programme that complements CAD, come and have a demo and experience this alternate way to 3D model.

Last chance to see our Presentation is today, Sunday 17th from 13:40-14:0.