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7 Mentone Terrace
Vereinigtes Königreich
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Anarkik3D Design is haptic: for a more natural 3D modeling experience!

'I love the fact that you can feel the object that you have designed on the screen with the haptic mouse.' GENNA DELANEY, CONTEMPORARY JEWELLER.

'Yes, I think the best thing is that people see it and can lay their own hands on it to try it out! Then they will experience how easy to learn Anarkik3D Design is. … It will become well known in the future, I am sure of that!' BIRGIT LAKEN, CONTEMPORARY JEWELLER.

Anarkik3D specialises in haptics for an easier way of free form 3D modeling and develops Anarkik3D Design program for designers makers, applied and studio artists.

Haptics means 3D virtual touch. It feels like sculpting forms.

With a haptic three-armed device to replace your 'mouse', you navigate three dimensionally, and when you touch or deform an object you feel resistance. This is haptics. Anarkik3D has developed this programme especially for those who want a more enjoyable engagement with 3D digital technologies than they would get from CAD programmes.

'The organic, freeform nature of Anarkik3D Design means that I can completely engross myself in playing around with shapes, patterns and coming up with intricate pieces. Equally; quick 3D sketches can become some of my favourite designs.' ELIZABETH ARMOUR, CONTEMPORARY DESIGNER.

How has Anarkik3D developed such a remarkable 3D modeling tool?
Ann Marie Shillito is a designer-maker, applied artist, and joint founder of Anarkik3D Ltd, which is a spin-out company from her 6 years of research and proof-of-concept work at the Edinburgh College of Art in collaboration with Edinburgh University. Computer scientist (and artist), Xiaoqing Cao, is also a founder.

Both founders are women from the creative arts and software development. They understand the importance of touch (haptics) for building an intuitive easy-to-learn interface as haptics taps into our sense of touch to made working digitally in 3D a more natural experience. Anarkik3D has established a product that is not feature-driven but feature enhanced: this makes it fundamentally different from many commercial Computer Aided Design and 3D modelling programmes out there too.

'Better than when you have a complex programme with so many possibilities of which you use only a small part and cannot remember how you did things last time.' STEFAN WITTE, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER AND DESIGNER.

If you want or need a more natural way to engage with 3D technologies, struggle with CAD or want to complement CAD with more organic forms to use there, visit Anarkik3D's stand. We look forward to meeting you and giving you the opportunity to try our programme. Haptics is definitely a WOW sensation to be experienced!




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